Introducing Pop-Up Events

Over the past few years the event industry in South Africa has seen some rapid changes, evolving from traditional ‘the-bigger-the-better’ ways of celebrating into more intimate, exclusive and authentic celebrations across both social and corporate event planning.

It’s all about the experience: from creating an impressive and unexpected first impression to leaving attendees speechless, Pop-Up Events have become a journey of experience. Whether you are considering a Pop-Up Event in a social or corporate capacity, both should be a unique and unexpected experience for your guests, with the core focus on the element of surprise and secret exclusivity, creating excitement and high intrigue.

Pop-Up Events are considered premium events, because of it’s uniqueness, secret exclusivity and extraordinary and innovative elements. It has been a game changer for all aspects of traditional events, from food serving to incorporated technology and even seating options.  

For social gatherings like weddings, bridal and baby showers, Pop-Up Events are the perfect way to capture every element of your special occasion shared with all your loved ones in a very timely and cost-effective manner, while still ticking all the boxes of the perfect day that you have imagined. It eliminates the ‘dine-and-dash’ factor, along with the akward time structure, because who really knows when is the right time to call it a day? It also eliminates the ‘obligated’ guest list of people who are not actively part of your life, but you deem it necessary to invite them to keep the peace in the family. This happens more often than you’d think! So why not spare yourself the drama or the guilt trip and opt for a perfectly planned Pop-Up event that will leave you and your loved ones with a lasting impression and cherished memories!

Corporate companies can benefit greatly from Pop-Up Events, whether the goal is to create excitement and anticipation for the introduction of a new product or service, creating an exclusive fan base or promoting team building. Pop-Up Events is a powerful tool to use in your marketing strategy, as it is a very cost-effective way of generating positive word-of-mouth marketing because of the unique experience and lasting impression that your events brings to clients. Marketing also goes above and beyond the buzz of the event by allowing companies to capatalize on building more intimate client relationships by connecting with past attendees from your event or creating a private Facebook group for prospective attendees, to mention only a few marketing tools.  

Without any further ado, we’d like to introduce our various range of Pop-Up Event services, each specifically designed to meet your unique needs:

**Please note that the following services mainly focusses on Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Birthdays. Altough corporate event options are very limited due to government restrictions, we have various options available to be discussed and implemented in accordance with all rules and regulations regarding Covid-19 as stated by government policy.

1. Elopement Pop-Up Events

2. Drive-Through Pop-Up Events

3. Lunch & Picnic Pop-Up Events

4. Backyard Pop-Up Events

5. Winter Wonderland Pop-Up Events

6. Destination Pop-Up Events

7. Themed Pop-Up Events:

  • Fairytale Fantasy
  • Magical Mystery
  • Nostalgic Neverland

9. Art & Storytelling Pop-Up Events:

  • Moving Art Gallery
  • Poetry & Storytelling

9. Food & Dining Pop-Up Events:

  • Cooking contests
  • Storytelling and Food
  • Moving Art Gallery

10. Branded Pop-Up Events

We understand the importance of complying with all government regulations and will have all liscencing and permits in place in accordance with the specific packages and various venues available.

Pop-Up Events have been around before the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to elevate the events industry into a new normal, and we’re conviced that this trend will stick around much longer after this pandemic has come to pass.

Adjusting to a new normal may seem horrifying for some, but we want to assure all of our clients that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you experience the picture perfect day that you’ve always dreamed of, and more! The ‘new normal’ may look a bit different from the tradtional way of celebrating precious milestones and occasions in life, but authenticity, intimacy and uniqueness ranks way higher in our books – it is your most special occasion, so it should be celebrated and cherised with the most special people in your life!

We’re celebrating a new normal, and a joyful planning journey of unexpected excellence! Be sure to visit our website at or pop us an email at to discuss your package options! We look forward to plan the finest detail of your special day with you!

All our love,

Buuras & Co.

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Passionate about people and all things pretty. Kingdom minded, called to create, and also - you will find my heart in everything I do. I adore authenticity, raw and real. Humankind, and being both - human & kind. Thank you for sharing in my journey! Feel free to pop me a mail for collaborations or if you just feel like sharing your heart and thoughts! All my love, Rouxnette xxx

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